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Principles & Values


The purposes of Eufemia are:

  1. to establish a shared vocabulary and an open platform for designers and developers
  2. to ensure consistency and adherence to the look and feel of DNB digital products
  3. to provide guidelines for designers and developers
  4. to encourage re-use of code and design resources


You will find two sets of principles in the DNB Design System and one set of values.

  1. Design System principles: this is a set of principles for users of the Design System
  2. End user principles - the principles upon which we build DNB products and services for our users
  3. Brand values - located in the Brand Book (link)

Design System Principles (Eufemia Principles)

  1. Don't add bloat to the system at the same time do not let the system develop debt - old content no longer relevant

  2. The system and it's content should be self explanitory - easily picked up and understood by a new designer or developer, i.e not dependant on a single individual.

  3. Add content to the system like it's your last day - add comments, clear succint descriptions to code and design files.

  4. Eliminate this question : "I'm new here - where do I find the..."

  5. The work is never done - A system of guides can and should be continuously improved.

  6. Focus more on communication than the tools of the trade - common language and understanding, frequent discussions, including of all stakeholders...

  7. Stay agnostic - code, data and design file formats should remain as platform and application(?) independent as possible.

  8. Test Test Test - continually test the system with it's users to ensure it is relevant, usable and goal

End user Principles

  1. Design for all - follow accessability and usability guidelines for everything you make

  2. Start with users - gain insight, discover their needs, understand them

  3. Understand context - when, how, where, with which device etc.

  4. Maintain consistency both visually and through re-application of design patterns

  5. Just enough interface. When in doubt, remove.

  6. Design and code with performance highly prioritised

  7. Consistent experience across all platforms - small touch screens to large desktop displays

  8. Reuse, reduce and recycle. Harness the efficiency of reusing patterns and components

DNB Brand Values

DNB Brand values are located on page 6 of the DNB Brandbook. The values are built on these three foundations:

Curiosity, Responsibility, Bravery