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v5 contains a couple of braking changes. As a migration process, you can simply search your application for:

  • find save_alt_01 and replace if with save
  • find --color-cherry-red or --color-cherry-red-8 and replace it with --color-fire-red and --color-fire-red-8
  • find dnb-ui-lib-icons.min.js and replace it with dnb-ui-icons.min.js

Typography preparations

Soon we will have our own DNB font. This will have impact on both, font-family, font-size, font-weight and line-height.

To get prepared for these changes, you can today already (since v4.24) use the now exposed properties for both:

From before we had font-weight.

Read more on how to make CSS vars (Custom Properties) work on IE.

The benefits?

If you are using only properties to change actively your application typography, then a future update with changes will "automatically" happen, so you don't need to make manual code changes later.

Properties as JS

You can now also import all the main properties as a JavaScript Object:

import properties from 'dnb-ui-lib/style/properties

Number component

The new Number component is a ready to use DNB number formatter. Use it where over you have to display a number, a currency value, phone number etc.

Good reasons for why we have this is to:

  • uniform the formation of numbers for all DNB applications.
  • and make numbers accessible to screen readers.

Color changes

  • Cherry Red will got replaced by Fire Red.
  • Cherry Red 8% will got replaced by Fire Red 8%.

You may check your application code and replace cherry-red with fire-red.

/* New */
color: var(--color-fire-red);
color: var(--color-fire-red-8);
/* Deprecated */
color: var(--color-cherry-red);
color: var(--color-cherry-red-8);

Icon changes

/* New */
import { download } from 'dnb-ui-lib/icons/secondary'
/* Removed */
import { error } from 'dnb-ui-lib/icons/primary'
import { save_alt_01 } from 'dnb-ui-lib/icons/secondary'

ESM module format

The dnb-ui-lib uses now ESM as the default module format. But every component is still compiled down to ES5.

Do I have to make changes?

Mostly likely no. The majority of applications / projects does not to have to make changes.

If you are in Node.js (SSR) land, read more about CJS.

What is ESM good for?

Your project is most likely already using ESM (import / export). Now that the dnb-ui-lib uses ESM, tree shaking is much more easy to handle and most likely be handled out of the box by your application bundler of choice (e.g. webpack (create-react-app), rollup.js and parcel.js).

UMD changes

The UMD package for icons dnb-ui-lib-icons.min.js got a new naming:

  • dnb-ui-icons.min.js


To upgrade to v5 with NPM, use:

$ npm i dnb-ui-lib@5

October, 30. 2019