The FormRow component is a helper to archive more easily often used DNB form layout setups.

Fieldset and Legend

By default a FormRow is using the <fieldset> and <legend> HTML elements - if a label property is provided.

Layout direction

The default direction is horizontal. You can combine several FormRow's (example below) and the direction to achieve the wanted UX layout. You can also send the layout properties along from a FormSet (example below). There are three possible layout properties for the FormRow children:

  • label_direction Children's label direction
  • direction Children components direction
  • vertical Forces both to be vertically

The property: label_direction

The property: direction

The property: vertical


This is how it looks if you don't make any definitions.


To give a FormRow space, properties from Space are supported:

/** The FormRow will then have a "margin-top: 2.5rem;" */
<FormRow top="large x-small" ... >
/** ... or go crazy */
<FormRow top="large medium small" ... >


You can send down the FormRow as an application wide property (Context). More info about the provider usage.


The FormRow component provides by default responsiveness. But if you also want the form components to act responsive. E.g. the label of the input should be wrapped to be vertical / above the input, then you have to set the responsive prop to true.

<FormRow responsive="true">
<Input label="Input label">Value</Input>

Wrapping happens then if the view port (screen) is less than max-width: 40em.

You can also make use of the helper class, e.g. <FormRow className="dnb-responsive-component">...</FormRow>.


Basic FormRow

Vertical FormRow

Vertical aligned labels

Only the labels are vertical aligned - while the input labels are still horizontal.

Vertical direction

Vertical label direction in combination with a button

Combine both vertical and horizontal FormRow's

Several components inside a horizontal FormRow - not wrapping

Several components inside a wrapping (wrap) horizontal FormRow

Legend usage

Legend and indent usage

Inherit context

Combining different components and directions

Section style

The label property can be used to set a row label as well as the section_style is supported

Custom indent layout

Customize the .dnb-form-row styles. Instead of using the build in indent property.