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Patterns are typical solutions to common problems in design and software design. Each pattern is like a blueprint that you can customize to solve a particular design problem. They differ from components in that they act more as a guide as to how a particular solution could be made.

Work In Progress

Patterns have not gotten too much attention during development of Eufemia. Nevertheless, they will get their shape over time.


The ActionNav provides a way to navigate through a form in a series of steps allowing the user to go backwards and forwards if necessary.


The description list pattern is a simplified version of a table. Use it when you want a crossover between a list and a table where you've got the key on the left hand side and description on the right hand side.


The footer is a container that typically contains site navigation, contact details, privacy policies etc. Traditionally placed the the end of a document but can also be placed at the end of an article containing author details, copyright information etc.


Forms in Eufemia are regarded as patterns because of their unpredictable and varying content and structure. However, their individual components and elements have design guidelines, rules and behaviours.


A simple grid setup (layout framework) using CSS Flexbox.


The main navigation is an element which consists of multiple components.

SummaryTable (deprecated)

This is the navigation which appears at the bottom of step-by-step forms. It has two columns; left and right which can take a number of buttons. The content of children will be inserted into the right navigation placeholder.

ViewTitle (deprecated)

The ViewTitle component is a heading variant with borders on both sides. It is commonly used as a legend in form fieldsets.