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Numbers comes in three variants: Proportional Lining, Tabular Lining and Proportional Old Style.

The default lining is set to Proportional Lining, like the CSS class .dnb-typo-number--lining.

Use Tabular Lining in tables and in other contexts where lots of numbers are side-by-side.

Proportional Old Style is currently chosen away in favor of proportional lining due to future font upgrades.

Lining Variants and Examples

Proportional Lining
Tabular Lining
Proportional Old Style

Helper Classes and usage in HTML

<p class="dnb-typo-number--lining">0123456789</p>
<p class="dnb-typo-number--tabular">0123456789</p>
<p class="dnb-typo-number--oldstyle">0123456789</p>