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Vue JS

How to

With Vue, you could use the included Web Components support to get the HTML elements in place. But it's much more powerful to simply use the build in feature (bindings), powered by Vuera.

import Vue from 'vue'
// get Vuera upp and runnning
import dnb, { Button } from 'dnb-ui-lib/components/vue'
export default {
name: 'app',
data: () => ({...}),
methods: {myClickHandler: () => {}, ...},
// now we have our components we want to use
components: dnb.getComponents(Vue)

And the syntax would look like:

<template lang="html">
<div id="app" class="dnb-spacing">
<dnb-button text="Button" @on_click="myClickHandler"></dnb-button>


Besides vue and vuera, you may also install, dnb-ui-lib, react and react-dom.

NB: Make sure You add vuera to Your Package dependencies. Even if You not use it directly in Your Application.

"dependencies": {
"dnb-ui-lib": "*",
"react": "^16",
"react-dom": "^16",
"vue": "^2",
"vuera": "^2"


Have a look at this VUE example app.