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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to enable lint-staged?

Create a file called .env.local in the root of the repo (side-by-side to the .git folder), and put LINT_STAGED=1 inside:

# File: .env.local

Dependency issues


  • v14 has changed a good amount of their default styling rules. Updating would require us to refactor a good amount of SCSS code. We are currently on v13.


Due to this bug: we add .png,.snap so they not get copied: --extensions '.js,.ts,.tsx,.png,.snap'

Yarn PnP

Currently, Eufemia uses yarn v3 with node_modules.

When switching over to Yarn PnP, there are some issues:

  • Storybook:
    ERROR in eufemia/.yarn/__virtual__/@dnb-eufemia-virtual-761b82657c/1/packages/dnb-eufemia/src/components/slider/style/dnb-range.scss (eufemia/.yarn/__virtual__/css-loader-virtual-37c5c374e4/0/cache/!eufemia/.yarn/__virtual__/sass-loader-virtual-577853f541/0/cache/!eufemia/.yarn/__virtual__/@dnb-eufemia-virtual-761b82657c/1/packages/dnb-eufemia/src/components/slider/style/dnb-range.scss)
    Module build failed (from eufemia/.yarn/__virtual__/sass-loader-virtual-577853f541/0/cache/
    SassError: File to import not found or unreadable: eufemia/.yarn/__virtual__/@dnb-eufemia-virtual-761b82657c/1/packages/dnb-eufemia/src/style/components/imports.scss.
    on line 6 of ../../.yarn/__virtual__/@dnb-eufemia-virtual-761b82657c/1/packages/dnb-eufemia/src/components/slider/style/dnb-range.scss
    >> @import '../../../style/components/imports.scss';
  • Gatsby
    gatsby-plugin-mdx tried to access mkdirp, but it isn't declared in its dependencies; this makes the require call ambiguous and unsound.

Gatsby v4

In order to ensure defaults and supports es6-module is not targeting IE11, we run a newer version of browserslist.

"resolutions": {
"gatsby/browserslist": "4.21.4"

Gatsby v4 uses v3 that has an issue when running all visual tests in a batch locally on a development build. To mitigate it, we have installed a newer version of

"resolutions": {
"gatsby/": "4.6.1"


svg2vectordrawable uses an very old version of svgo that did not work with newer versions of Node.js.

"resolutions": {
"svg2vectordrawable/svgo": "2.3.0"

MDX v2

In MDX v1 the Portal used an MDX template (./templates/mdx.js) with the createPage API. This is currently not the case anymore. Instead, the "PortalLayout" is used to wrap .mdx pages inside the wrapPageElement API. This is due to the JavaScript heap out of memory error when using templates.

Visual tests and Playwright

Jest does start several works at the same time. When we simulate states on e.g. ToggleButton and Button – Playwright (v1.31.2) struggles to handle this. Some of the hover or focus tests will fail. To ensure Jest we never execute several workers as the same time, we set --maxWorkers=1.

How can I make faster builds?

This is only meant for "setup testing" purposes! In order to make faster local builds, you can:

  • Inside gatsby-config.js rename all sourcing from /docs to /docs_dummy

Run yarn workspace dnb-design-system-portal build:visual-test

I get Gatsby 404 Not Found on the pages I work on

  • Try cleaning cache: yarn workspace dnb-design-system-portal gatsby clean
  • Try running yarn build again