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Contributing to Eufemia

Welcome to the contribution pages of Eufemia.

We want to thank you for being interested and we are so glad you want to help out! Following these guidelines will help you get started, make appropriate changes and guide you through Eufemia's environment.

Eufemia is a living design system. It doesn't have a 'finished' state. Continuous improvement, removal and addition of content is important if it is to remain relevant as a resource for current and future DNB products and services. For the future of Eufemia, have a look at our vision.

Note that the license states @dnb/eufemia is for internal DNB development only.

How can I contribute?

There are more ways to contribute than submitting code. Other contributions are just as valuable:

  • Report bugs
  • Suggest new features
  • Add more demos
  • Fix spelling
  • Add more documentation
  • Give feedback on design and usage

DNB Brand Guidelines

Colors, fonts and logo guidelines are set in the DNB Brandbook and the digital version, Brand Center. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with them.

Dive in

Links to important resources

Eufemia Github Repository: The repository where you make changes in code and documentation.

Slack channel #eufemia-web: For all kinds of discussions topics and questions

Jira Issue Tracking or Github Issue Tracking: Where you can report or find new issues

Codesandbox Template: For quickly reproducing issues when reporting bugs.

People of Eufemia

We want to thank every contributor of Eufemia, without you Eufemia would not be the design system it is today.