About Eufemia

The Vision

Eufemia empowers us to efficiently innovate and create holistic world class experiences

Eufemia is DNB's design system, which consists of resources for designers and developers to maintain consistency and efficiency when building accessible web applications. The goal is to have a single source of truth for design through color, typography, and layout guidelines as well as fully coded components to use in applications.

For everyone

With Eufemia, DNB can continually increase the product quality for both visual users and users relying on assistive technologies. It follows the industry and regulatory standards UU Tilsynet alongside with WCAG 2.1.

You can read more about what we at DNB UX expect and define as the minimal accessibility requirements for our web applications.

Please Contribute

Eufemia is a living design system. It doesn't have a 'finished' state. Continuous improvement, removal and addition of content is important if it is to remain relevant as a resource for current and future DNB products and services.

Your input, comments and discussions are all valuable. Reach out to us. And please contribute.

Special Thanks

Thank you to all who have contributed to build Eufemia. People who have contributed heavily to Eufemia are:

  • Jens Thuland
  • Casper Brekke
  • Tobias Høegh
  • Sindre Marken
  • Dina Rosvoll
  • Anders Langseth
  • Thayanan Tharmapalan
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Hans Kristian Smedsrød

The DNB ASA Design System (Eufemia) is built together with EGGS Design.

More People to thank

  • Nicolai Rygh


The Eufemia Portal includes third party services.