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Change log of Eufemia

You may also be interested in details about releases and have a look at the GitHub Releases for versioning of the @dnb/eufemia.

April, 23. 2024

January, 18. 2024

November 03, 2023

  • Add responsive properties for Section component.

October 19, 2023

May, 31. 2023

  • New major version 10
  • New component: SkipContent
  • GlobalError got new styles (without illustrations).
  • New Icons:
    • handshake
    • heavy_equipment
    • id_card
    • investment_account
    • keyfigures
    • portfolio_analytics
    • sea_transport
    • shield_lock
    • file_zip
    • bus
    • building_shopping
    • handshake
    • heavy_equipment

November, 22. 2022

  • New default Table styles.
  • Support medium and small Table sizes.

November, 15. 2022

October, 27. 2022

October, 5. 2022

  • New Definition List layout direction: direction="horizontal" including Dl.Item demo.
  • New components released:

June, 10. 2022

  • Change colors of Table:
    • Header text gets black
    • Header background gets white
    • Even rows gets lavender
    • Borders on table bottom and header bottom gets black-8

February, 15. 2022

February, 8. 2022

  • New components released:

  • New Icons:

    • secondary credit_note
    • secondary deleted_invoice
    • secondary speedometer
    • secondary travel

January, 26. 2022

November, 23. 2021

  • New design for component GlobalStatus with brighter colors.

November, 12. 2021

  • Updated icon sizes for component Button variant tertiary (16px default, 24px for icon position top).

November, 05. 2021

October, 08. 2021

  • Default shadow (defaultDropShadow() and .dnb-drop-shadow) was changed to 0 8px 16px rgba(51, 51, 51, 0.08)

August, 17. 2021

  • New v2 StepIndicator with new look and behavior. v1 can still be used for legacy reasons until the next breaking release.

April, 5. 2021

  • success-green changes its color from #008000 to #007B5E.

March, 23. 2021

  • Make Anchor / Link better accessible by providing a title when target is set to blank.

March, 3. 2021

  • Applied new Eufemia appearance and styles on a couple of components.

February, 2. 2021

  • A good amount of new icons were added. See code commit for more details.

January, 28. 2021

  • Change the Number currency display from symbol to narrowSymbol when locale is no.
  • Change the Tabs spacing from 80px to 40px as basis, and use 32px for small viewports.
  • Change the Tabs line color from mint-green-50 to black-8.

December, 15. 2020

Added Eufemia Icon library, with many new icons.

These icons got replaced:

  • search to loupe
  • settings to cog
  • print to printer
  • pencil to edit
  • view_off to hide
  • file to document
  • file_add to document_add
  • contract to document_contract
  • link_out to launch
  • logout to log_out
  • login to log_in
  • without_bankid to pin_code
  • bankid_on_mobile to bankid_mobile
  • bankid_with_qr to bankid_qr
  • check_alt_01 removed

November, 8. 2020

  • New grey colors:
    • black-55 (#737373)
    • black-20 (#cccccc) which replaces black-30 (#b3b3b3)
    • black-8 (#ebebeb)
    • black-3 (#f8f8f8)
  • New docs about maintainability.
  • New component Skeleton
  • Updated Modal & Drawer UI Modal & Drawer
  • Ol Lists do now support the type HTML attribute in order to use like letters and roman numerals
  • DNB Medium font got an enhancement regarding readability on Windows.

July, 3. 2020

New Icons:

  • secondary chatbot
  • secondary location
  • secondary contract
  • secondary support

June, 18. 2020

New Icons:

  • secondary bankid
  • secondary bankid_on_mobile
  • secondary bankid_with_qr
  • secondary without_bankid
  • secondary person

June, 4. 2020

  • The color Sea green alt is removed and got replaced by Sea green

  • The DNB font got updates on the bold weight, mostly effected Windows users

  • New component Autocomplete

  • New component Pagination including infinity scroller

  • New component Heading

  • New secondary icons: pay_from, transfer_to

  • Modal got a Drawer mode and has now a dark background color

  • Breaking Changes to the UMD bundles structure (v7), including ESM (mjs)

  • Breaking Changes to headings:

    • .dnb-h1 is now .dnb-h--xx-large
    • .dnb-h1--small is now .dnb-h--x-large
    • .dnb-h2 is now .dnb-h--large
    • .dnb-h3 is now .dnb-h--medium / .dnb-lead
    • For .dnb-h4, .dnb-h5 and .dnb-h6 se v7 release notes

Check out the detailed migration guide

Figma typography styles got updated as well:

  • h1 Heading xx-large
  • h1 small Heading x-large
  • h2 Heading large
  • Lead Text lead
  • Body Text basis and Text basis (Medium)
  • Small Text small and Text small / (Medium)
  • X-Small Text x-small and Text x-small (Medium)

January, 30. 2020

New DNB font

General information: All existing and new components uses the new (and slightly larger) text styles, but the existing height of the components is not affected by this and has NOT changed.

Typography changes:

  • h1 DNB Sans Medium 48px / 56px line height
  • h1 small DNB Sans Medium 34px / 40px line height
  • h2 DNB Sans Medium 26px / 32px line height
  • h3 / Lead DNB Sans Medium 20px / 28px line height
  • Body text DNB Sans Regular 18px / 24px line height
  • Body text medium DNB Sans Medium 18px / 24px line height
  • Small text DNB Sans Regular 16px / 20px line height
  • Small text medium DNB Sans Medium 16px / 20px line height
  • X-Small text DNB Sans Regular 14px / 16px line height
  • X-Small text medium DNB Sans Medium 14px / 16px line height

Number features are removed as we do not need them anymore.


Colors changes:

  • accent-yellow, which replaces signal-yellow
  • accent-yellow-30, which replaces signal-yellow-30
  • signal-orange is moved from Profile to UX color

New Colors:

  • Profile color lavender
  • Profile color sand-yellow
  • Profile color pistachio
  • UX color success-green


  • secondary login and logout

Components and Elements

Components and Elements features and changes:

Components changes

  • Button signal button changes:
    • background color change (accent-yellow)
    • text color change (ocean-green)
    • outline color change (ocean-green)
    • inactive / disabled color: accent-yellow-30
  • Dropdown
    • dropdown text error state color: fire-red
  • Table header icon change: from chevron to arrow

Get more details about the @dnb/eufemia v6 release

November, 30. 2019

New Icons:

  • primary reset
  • primary reset
  • primary arrow_top
  • primary arrow_right
  • primary arrow_bottom
  • primary arrow_left
  • secondary settings
  • secondary home
  • secondary refresh
  • secondary add_file
  • secondary view_on
  • secondary view_off

Get more details about the @dnb/eufemia v5.8 release

November, 16. 2019

  • New secondary icons: arrow_up, arrow_down, arrow_right, arrow_left, view, view_off, settings, refresh, add_file

November, 6. 2019

  • GlobalStatus: modified background color
  • Icon: new feature; rounded border
  • Made the core and basis CSS packages robuster on running in ePlatform environment

October, 30. 2019

  • New component in the @dnb/eufemia: Number
  • New colors:
    1. fire-red, which replaces cherry-red (default error color)
    2. fire-red-8, which replaces cherry-red-8
  • Icons changes:
    1. primary save is now => secondary download
    2. secondary save_alt_01 is now => primary save
    3. primary error got removed

Get more details about the @dnb/eufemia v5 release

October, 14. 2019

October, 2. 2019

September, 23. 2019

  • New component to show 404 and 500 status: GlobalError

August, 24. 2019

July, 21. 2019

  • Major Release of @dnb/eufemia: Read more about the v4 release
  • New component in the @dnb/eufemia: Space for easy spacing capabilities
  • New component in the @dnb/eufemia: Slider with add/subtract buttons

June, 26. 2019

June, 19. 2019

June, 5. 2019

  • New corner radius (border-radius) on Dropdown and DatePicker: 4px (0.25rem)

June, 3. 2019

  • New component in the @dnb/eufemia: Textarea. Got also a wider corner radius by 16px (1rem)

May, 27. 2019

May, 19. 2019

  • New component in the @dnb/eufemia: Circular ProgressIndicator bar (spinner with animation)

May, 8. 2019

  • New component in the @dnb/eufemia: DatePicker with range/period support

April, 26. 2019

Changes to the default styles

  • DNB section .dnb-section got two new default colors .dnb-section--emerald-green and .dnb-section--signal-orange.

March, 22. 2019

Changes to the default styles

  • New Primary and Secondary Icons were added (link_out, pencil, bubble, save)
  • Enhanced the behavior of the Input Component with a entered text (dirty) state, changing the typography color to Emerald Green

March, 12. 2019

Changes to the default styles

  • Toggle Switch got new states and look & feel
  • New Primary Icons were added (information)
  • Overall Component enhancements

March, 6. 2019

Changes to the default styles

  • ErrorMessage (FormStatus) got a smaller text size (14px)
  • Several "v1" walk though, into detail changes

February, 21. 2019

Changes to the default styles

  • Anchor (Text Link): Has now white background color on focus state
  • Tables how now always a bottom border
  • Button got a new look for all states
  • Input got a new look for all states
  • Dropdown got a new look for all states

UI library

February, 14. 2019

  • Anchor (Text Link): Removed underline on hover and active states
  • Tables (the default once) has now always a border line on the bottom

January 2019

Changes to the default styles

  • Change from 1px to 2px outline on input for error state
  • Signal Orange is replaced by Emerald Green for focus state
  • Tab and StepIndicator (Progress bar) have now Sea Green Alt underline
  • The Switch component has now an outline of 2px
  • Hover on Tabs looks more like an anchor
  • Color change: Sea Green 4% -> Mint Green 12%

Get more details about releases or have a look on all release notes on GitHub