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The FormStatus is a simple component meant for displaying the status of a form ( displaying form errors, messages etc. ) The FormStatus component should be positioned relative to the form or form input to which it referring to.

Also, the FormStatus is used inside of many other form components.

The FormStatus component cooperates together with the GlobalStatus component to summaries and have several status messages in once place.


Failure text

FormStatus displaying error status

Long info nisl tempus hendrerit tortor dapibus nascetur taciti porta risus cursus fusce platea enim curabitur proin nibh ut luctus magnis metus

FormStatus displaying info status

You have to fill in this field

A form status, used by the Input Component

My info with a link and more text

A form status, with a custom styled content

My HTML with a link and more text

A form status with plain text/HTML