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Living system

What is a living design system

Eufemia, DNB's design system, is a UI collection of components, rules, principles, constraints and best practices for UI design and front end code, and is subject for continuous improvement over time.

In a practical manner

Many developers think of a design system as a pattern library, however it is important to remember that Eufemia is a living design system. Suggestions, improvements, new integrations and new additions to the system will form Eufemia continuous.


One of the main goals for Eufemia is to give the user consistency during the user journey. Consistency will be experienced in many ways, like receptive extensions, state interactions, navigation logics, color usage and accessibility.

Single source of truth

A design system like Eufemia is the single source of truth for UI assets and components. This includes ready to use UI-elements in code for developers and graphic libraries for UX-designers.

Knowledge pool

We at DNB UX embraces the DNB core vision and main goals; Do less, do better and Increase user experience. To meet these goals, Eufemia has at its core value to increase the knowledge on front end development, UX design and accessibility. This means that Eufemia will always be under continuous improvement and QA.


Read on about maintainability and how we want to you to achieve our vision and strategy.