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Get started using the DNB user interface library

The UI Library HTML Elements and UI Components are isolated, ready-to-use elements. They are self-supporting, and will use the styles they need to display.

  • HTML Elements are styled HTML tags
  • UI Components are styled and custom build HTML elements
  • UI Patterns are a way to demonstrate how a set of components and elements could work together

You can use any of the HTML Elements and UI Components as demonstrated in the documentation with a variety of customization properties.

The Eufemia Repository

The dnb-ui-lib is hosted as a sub package inside the Eufemia Repository on GitHub.

You can also enable notification about upcoming releases.


To install and save the dnb-ui-lib in your package.json dependencies, run:

NB! React and React-dom are needed as well.

# at time of writing, React version 16 was used
# so consider to run react@16 and react-dom@16
$ npm i dnb-ui-lib react react-dom

Read more in the First Steps section.

Supported Browsers and Platforms

== 11>= 14>= 45>= 49>= 10>= 10