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The Tooltip component is primarily meant to enhance the UX for various and additional information.

Tooltip accessibility problems

Because a Tooltip is often bound to a hover action, there are cases where you as a developer, together with a UX designer, need to find alternative ways of supporting access to that information.

The Tooltip component is integrated e.g. in the Button component. This way, we can handle the tooltip information to be accessible for screen readers.

Touch devices and keyboard support

In order to enhance accessibility for these targets, we add a tabindex="0" as well as a touchstart event handler.

Links (anchor) with target blank

The Eufemia Anchor and Button components do show the Tooltip component when the url target is set to _blank in order to enhance accessibility about the action of opening a new window (out of context).


Button with hover Tooltip

Code Editor
<Button tooltip="Tooltip" text="Hover" />

Button with active Tooltip

Code Editor
<Button tooltip={<Tooltip active>Tooltip</Tooltip>} text="Active" />

NumberFormat with a tooltip

Code Editor
<NumberFormat tooltip="Tooltip">1234</NumberFormat>

... or wrapped around the NumberFormat component:

Code Editor
<Tooltip targetElement={<NumberFormat>1234</NumberFormat>}>

Tooltip with delay

Code Editor
  targetElement={<Span right>Top</Span>}
  Tooltip 1
<Tooltip position="bottom" targetElement={<Span>Bottom</Span>}>
  Tooltip 2

Tooltip linked to a vanilla button

Code Editor
<button className="target-1">Show the Tooltip</button>
<Tooltip id="unique" active targetSelector=".target-1">