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label(optional) use either the label property or provide a custom one.
label_direction(optional) use label_direction="vertical" to change the label/legend layout direction. Defaults to horizontal.
label_sr_only(optional) use true to make the label only readable by screen readers.
direction(optional) to define the layout direction on how the next component should be placed on. Can be either vertical or horizontal. Defaults to horizontal.
vertical(optional) will force both direction and label_direction to be vertical if set to true.
centered(optional) will center all children vertically as long as the screen does not hit a mobile width.
wrap(optional) forces the content of a FormRow to wrap. Make sure you always define spacing as right="..." and not left, this way components will align left once they wrap. Defaults to false.
responsive(optional) to force responsiveness on form components (like Input and their labels (FormLabel), set the prop to true. Defaults to false.
section_style(optional) to enable the visual helper .dnb-section class. Use a supported modifier from the Section component. Defaults to null.
section_spacing(optional) to modify the spacing. Use a supported modifier from the Section component. Defaults to null.
no_fieldset(optional) if set to true, then the internal legend element will be a label instead, and no <fieldset> is used. Keep in mind, that <legend> and <fieldset>is only used if a label is provided. Defaults to false.
label_class(optional) if you need to style the "legend", then you can either send in a custom Component, like label={ <H2> }, or define your styling class with the label_class property.
locale(optional) Send along a different locale to all nested components.
disabled(optional) if set to true, every component inside will be disabled. Defaults to false.
skeleton(optional) if set to true, it enables skeleton for nested components. Defaults to false.
Space(optional) spacing properties like top or bottom are supported.